1. Sea / air import and export business:
Commissioned by customers, use of the company branch network at home and abroad, undertaking between the world and the Shanghai maritime, air import and export business, Including import and export cargo booking, door to door trailer, single tone, Customs clearance, commodity inspection, animal and plant quarantine, port receiving, unpacking distribution, import and export of large heavy pieces of the newspaper operation, then delivery services. Characteristics of overseas door delivery service points (DDU, DDP), the international exhibition services.
2. Dangerous goods transport operations:
We have the specialized dangerous material warehouse and the dangerous material motorcade, Has the national identity dangerous material telegraph operator, the company undergoes the long-term practice operation, accumulated rich experience in the transport of dangerous goods, Can provide customers with 2-9 classes of dangerous goods declaration£¬Dangerous goods classification, packaging and repackaging£¬Agents of dangerous goods by air may be required to drug test,Inspection£¬IATA packaging required by a full-service,Dangerous goods have made outstanding achievements In the sea and air.
3. General bulk transport business:
Agent steel, equipment, ore, special cargo, automobile ro-ro ships, bulk cargo chartering and other bulk transportation,Booking service, shipping, unloading, set port, harbor, Warehousing, on-site supervision of sending and receiving, transit access, quarantine inspection, distribution, Special cargo ships and fight the special transport services, Provide specific solutions for individual.
4. Bonded Logistics:
In order to reduce cost, full use of the most regulated import and export logistics channels, while allowing the sale of goods import tariffs can be paid when the functions of the Customs again achieved, This zero-tariff package logistics business emerged Tax District, in this business, we also provide air and sea import and export of related services.
5. Cargo insurance:
According to the customer request, we can handle import and export of goods to customers related to transportation insurance.
Shanghai hangtai has been committed to providing China to the world of logistics services, customized North America,South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania and other places of integrated logistics solutions.Hangtai and MSK, SAF, MSC, HANJIN, YML, MOL, CMA, COSCO,CSAV, WANHAI, ANL, TS, SCI and other shipping companies and AA, CA, MU,CZ, FX,AF,AC and other airlines,Established a good long-term strategic partnership,With price and service advantages.
Our company in line with take customer benefit as heavy, the maximized satisfied customer demand is an objective. Full service, full track! With the development of the industry and customer demand on the rise, the company will focus more and more clients more professional and efficient service! ! !

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